Larry Gibson

As far as music goes, I had worn the hat of a music publisher, record label owner, musician, touring/recording artist, singer, songwriter, record producer, etc before I reached my mid-twenties. However, I divested myself of those music investments and stepped away from the business in my late twenties to focus on raising a family and involvement local church ministry. After a twenty-five year plus hiatus, one might say with my renewed interest in the "new" music business model that I have come full-circle.

I  left the music business in 1987, and the industry has undergone a major revolution during my time away.  The "new" music business environment is very indie artist friendly, and technological advancements now allow one to affordably own a home recording studio. Also, the advent of the internet brought worldwide distribution opportunities to independent artist that were nonexistent under the old music business model.

After retiring from active youth ministry in 2005, I began a journey of reassessing where I wanted to invest my spare time and energies.  I revisited my old interest in the music business, and was intrigued by the major changes it had undergone and was continuing to undergo. By late 2009, I began assembling a home recording studio, and am having the time of my life rediscovering the world of music from a very new and different perspective. Enjoy the journey with me as I share experiences along the way to becoming a "new" music business entrepreneur, a home recording studio owner, and an independent recording artist.


Studio 535

Studio 535 is the moniker that's been affectionately given to my home recording studio. Below is a partial list of the "tools of the trade" that I use to create music . . .

Computer, Digital Audio Work Station (DAW), and Audio Interface:

  • Dell XPS 8300 (i7-2600; 3.4GHz; 16GB RAM; 64-Bit; Win 7 HP)
  • Pro Tools 10 (v 10.3.8)
  • Pro Tools 11 (v 11.1.1)
  • M-Audio Fast Track C600


  • AAMS - Auto Audio Mastering System
  • Addictive Keys - Studio Grand, Electric Grand, Modern Upright, & Mark One Electric Piano
  • AIR Instrument Expansion Pack
  • Antares Mic Mod efx
  • Avid Studio/Pinnacle 16
  • Band-in-a-Box 2015
  • Celemony Melodyne
  • EZ Drummer 2
  • EZ Keys - Studio Grand & Electric Grand
  • EZ Mix Lite
  • Ignite
  • IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik
  • IK Multimedia Sampletank 3
  • Minimoog V Original
  • Native Instruments Kontact 5
  • Native Instruments Alicia's Keys
  • Native Instruments Berlin Concert Grand Piano
  • Native Instruments New York Concert Grand Piano
  • Native Instruments Retro Machines MK2
  • Native Instruments Session Horns Pro
  • Native Instruments Session Strings Pro
  • Native Instruments Studio Drummer
  • Native Instruments The Giant
  • Native Instruments Upright Piano
  • Native Instruments Vienna Concert Grand Piano
  • Native Instruments Vintage Organs
  • Sibelius 7 First
  • Sonnivox Eighty-Eight Ensemble 
  • StrumMaker IV Acoustic Guitar 
  • Tunesmith

Audio Monitors:

  • M-Audio BX8a


  • Yamaha S80
  • Yamaha CP-30
  • M-Audio Keystation Mini 32
  • M-Audio Keystation 88 II


  • Rode M1
  • Rode NT1-A